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How to Talk About Science and Scientists - effective vocabulary series

How to Talk About Science and Scientists – Effective Vocabulary Series #4

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This is one of the important lessons in the Effective Vocabulary series. first, try to answer the below questions before we Talk About Various Science and scientists.

What scientists:

  • is interested in the development of the human race?
  • is a student of the heaven?
  • explores the physical qualities of the arth?
  • studies all living matter?
  • is a student of plant life?
  • is a students of animal life?
  • is prosfessionally involved in insects?
  • is a student of language?
  • is a student of psycological effect of words?
  • studies the culture, structure, and customs of different societies?

Know the answer? If not, keep reading to learn the terms about “How to Talk About Science and scientists”

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