Daily Use Sentence Hindi to English Series #2

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If you were looking for a Daily Use Sentence Hindi to English, then you are at the right place as you will get what you were up to on this site. 10 Sentences on daily basis will be updated in the series by the Author of the website, Akram Khan. Now, let’s see the sentences below:

More examples:

Have you to get it done?

Can you get it done for me?

Whom did he get this done from?

Whom did she get this done from?

I will obviously do this tomorrow.

She will obviously bring that document.

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She made him tell a lie.

Why did you make me tell a lie?

Tell him to rest assured.

I will tell him to rest assured.

When did she become unconscious?

See seems unconscious.

What can we do in this situation?

How should we survive in this situation?

Take that chair away.

Take this guy away.

It was he, who had done the damage.

It was she, who had broken the chair.

We don’t need anything else, this is much.

This is much, kindly don’t give us anything more.

What will be the translation of the above sentence in English? Kindly write your answer in the comment section.

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