Food Vocabulary For IELTS – 24 Useful Expressions for Speaking

food vocabulary

Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning followed by an example with a relevant picture. This blog post on “Food Vocabulary” aims to help ESL learners and teachers in order to help improve their English.

to be full up meaning in English
01. to be full up

Meaning: to eat to the point that you can no longer eat any more

Example: Sorry, I am full up, I can’t take another slice of pizza.

to be starving hungry
02. to be starving hungry

Meaning: an exaggerated way of saying you are very hungry

Example: Mom, can you please bring me some food? I am starving hungry.

to bold something down meaning in English
03. to bolt something down

Meaning: to eat something very quickly

Example: He was so hungry that he bolted whole pizza down in no time.

04. to be dying of hunger

Meaning: an exaggerated way of saying you are very hungry

Example: Seems like I will be dying of hunger soon.

to eat a balanced diet meaning in ENGLISH
05. to eat a balanced diet

Meaning: to eat the correct types and amounts of food

Example:  She started to eat a balanced diet after she gained some extra weight,

food vocabulary
06. to eat like a horse

Meaning: to eat a lot

Example: I don’t go to any party with Saquib because he always eats like  a horse, and it really makes me feel awkward.

07. to follow a recipe

Meaning: to cook a meal using instructions

Example: My sister is often busy following a recipe in the kitchen.

to foot the bill menaning
08. to foot the bill

Meaning: to pay the bill

Example: My friends never let me foot the bill at any restaurant. 

a fussy eater meaning
09. a fussy eater

Meaning: somebody who has their own very high standards about what to eat

Example: I am not a fussy eater, I can eat anything in home-cooked food.

to grab a bite to eat meaning in English
10. to grab a bite to eat

Meaning: to eat something quickly (when you are in a rush)

Example: In the morning I would grab a bite to eat at the local cafeteria, then head off to school about a mile away.

to have a sweet tooth meaning in English
11. to have a sweet tooth

Meaning: to enjoy sugary food

Example: I always love to have a sweet tooth after my main meal.

home-cooked meaning in English
12. home-cooked food

Meaning: food cooked at home from individuals ingredients

Example: When it comes to food, there is nothing I like more than eating home-cooked food.

food vocabulary
13. the main meal

Meaning: the most important meal of the day

Example: Breakfast is the main meal for me, it gives me sufficient energy to work whole day.

14. to make your mouth water

Meaning: to make you feel very hungry for something

Example: I’m discovering that quality that makes your mouth water, that makes you want another bite.

avoid eating food
15. to play with your food

Meaning: to push food around the place to avoid eating it

Example: To let the child play with food for a while without the expectation of eating it can reduce the tension around meal-times.

processed food image
16. processed food

Meaning: commercially prepared food bought for convenience


Processed food is usually full of salt and sugar.

17. a quick snack

Meaning: to eat a small amount of food between meals

Example: We were really in a hurry so we had to make do with a quick snack at Flora Cafeteria.

quick snack
18. a ready meal

Meaning: a meal cooked and bought at a shop but taken somewhere else, often home, to be heated and eaten


The store says mutton kabab is their second largest selling ready meal after chicken tikka.

Example: I can't eat anymore, I don't want to spoil my appetite for dinner tonight.
19. a slap-up meal

Meaning: a large meal

Example: I wen’t to a grand party with my family for a slap-up meal.

to spoil your appetite meaning i English
20. to spoil your appetite

Meaning: to eat something that ill stop you feeling hungry when it’s meal-time

Example: I can’t eat burger too much because I don’t want to spoil my appetite for fine dinner.

a take away order image
21. a take away

Meaning: a cooked meal prepared in a restaurant and eaten at home

Example: I am going to order a pizza for a take away.

tuck into in a sentence
22. to tuck into

Meaning: to eat something with pleasure

ExampleI tucked into Butter Masala Dosa City Darbar restaurant last night.

to wine and dine meaning in English
23. to wine and dine

Meaning: to entertain someone by treating them to food and drink.

ExampleThey are likely to be wined and dined in our private box.

24. to work up an appetite

Meaning: to do physical work that leads to you becoming hungry.

Example:I want to go for a walk to work up an appetite for dinner.

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