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General Chinese

You learn in small groups and benefit from 15 hours per week.

Business Chinese

Standard course for those who wish to improve business language skills.

Work Placements

Get the best experience at our school by tutoring the beginners.

Exam Preparation

This course is available for short periods during the year.

Chinese For Children

Your children get to meet new friends and learn Chinese in groups.

Intensive Course

A small-group course for the fastest and the most effective result.

30-60-90 Business

Small classes with a focus on the Business conversational Chinese.

Language Trainings

This course is mostly for business owners and corporate workers.

Second Language

You learn in small groups and benefit from 15 hours per week.

Language Studies

Mini-Group course is comprised of small groups (max 4 students).

Mastering Grammar

Small classes with a focus on grammar and written Chinese skills.

Basic Skills

This course is available all year round for different periods.

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Nazir Hussain

English period website

I never miss any updates from the English Period website and their pages across social media. I have learned many expressions reading articles and posts from the author, Akram Khan. Every English learner should read his posts on a daily basis I think.

Nazir Hussain
A Website Visitor

Dr. Saeed Ansari

English Period reviews

Being a doctor in a city hospital, It was necessary for me to speak fluent English. For this reason, I registered for a one-to-one English-speaking course with English Period. I learnt a lot with Akram Khan, and now, I am able to speak English confidently with any patient. I would recommend him to every professional.

Dr. Saeed Ansari
English Speaking Course


English Period reviews

Because I wanted to utilize my time during vacations, I planned to do an English-speaking course. I came to know about the English Period institute by word of mouth and finally joined them after a satisfying demo class. Akram sir’s training method was unique. All his sessions were full of practice. Thanks to him! I can speak English fluently at any place in my life.

English Speaking Course

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