IELTS Vocabulary Hometown – Useful Expressions for Speaking

IELTS Vocabulary Hometown

Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning followed by an example with a relevant picture. This blog post on “IELTS City and Town Vocabulary” aims to help ESL learners and teachers in order to help improve their English.

boarded shops meaning
01. boarded up shops

Meaning: shops that are no longer doing business

Example: One can see a number of boarded up shops in Chowdi Baazar.

chain stores
02. chain stores

Meaning: well-known brands with shops in multiple cities

Example: There are around 150 chain stores in Rajendra Place.

to close down
03. to close down

Meaning: to stop doing business

Example: If you are to close down for repairs, you’ll lose business for sure.

fashionable boutique
04. fashionable boutiques

Meaning: fashionable clothes shops

Example: Ladies in Al-Mareija can be seen shopping at fashionable boutiques on weekends.

05. to get around

Meaning: to travel around

06. high-rise flats

Meaning: multi-story apartments

inner-city meaning
07. inner-city

Meaning: the central part of the city where people live and where conditions are often poor

suburbs meaning

08. in the suburbs

Meaning: the outer area of large towns and cities where people live

Example: I have been living in the suburb of New Delhi for the last three years.

09. lively bars/restaurants

Meaning: bars or restaurants with a good atmosphere

multi-story car parks meaning in English
10. multi-story car parks

Meaning: car parks on several floors

office block
11. office block

Meaning: a large building that contains offices

12. local facilities

Meaning: local buildings or services serving the people

13. out of town shopping centre/retails park

Meaning: large shopping centres outside of the town or city

14. pavement cafe

Meaning: cages with tables outside on the pavement


15. places of interest

Meaning: buildings that have a particular  interest for visitors

poor housing
16. poor housing

Meaning: housing that is not in good condition

public spaces image
17. public spaces

Meaning: areas in a town or city that are open to the public

public transport image
18. public transport system

Meaning: public vehicles such as buses or trains that operate at regular times in fixed routes

residential area image
19. residential area

Meaning: an area where people live

run down
20. run down

Meaning: old and of a poor standard

shopping centre image
21. shopping centre

Meaning: an area consisting of multiple shops

shopping mall image
22. shopping malls

Meaning: large indoor shopping centres

23. sprawling city

Meaning: a city that has grown over time and which covers a wide area

tourist attraction
24. tourist attraction

Meaning: a place of interests to tourists

traffic congestion image
25. traffic congestion

Meaning: heavy traffic making it difficult to move around a town or city.

upmarket shops images
26. upmarket shops

Meaning: expensive fashionable shops

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