Phrasal Verbs Related to Holiday

Phrasal Verbs related to holiday

When it comes to speaking or writing effectively in the English language, there is nothing better than using advanced vocabulary. Phrasal Verbs are also one of the main lexical resources. Here are some phrasal verbs related to holiday:

Learn these phrasal verbs to use sentences effectively in speaking and writing.

  • Go away – To leave your home, especially for a holiday.
  • See off – To go to an airport or station with someone in order to say goodbye to them.
  • Set off – To begin a journey.
  • Laze about/around – To relax.
  • Show around – To introduce someone to a new place or people.
  • Take a break – To rest or relax, especially for a short period of time.
  • Take a vacation – To go away from home for a period of time, usually for pleasure.
  • Have a good time – To enjoy oneself.
  • Make the most of – To use or enjoy something to the fullest extent.
  • Come back – To return to a place after having been away.

Here are some examples of how these phrasal verbs can be used in sentences:

  • We’re going away to the beach for the holidays.
  • I’ll see you off at the airport.
  • We set off early in the morning for our long drive.
  • We’re lazing about on the beach all day.
  • I’ll show you around the city when you get here.
  • I need to take a break from work.
  • We’re taking a vacation to Europe next year.
  • We had a good time at the party.
  • We made the most of our time in the city.
  • We came back from our trip tired but happy.

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