Phrasal Verbs with BREAK to Improve English Speaking

Phrasal Verbs with break to improve English speaking

Phrasal verbs are ‘multi-word verbs’ in which one word is a verb while the other may be a preposition or adverb. And, today in this lesson, we are going to see 11 phrasal verbs starting with the verb BREAK. Make sure to learn to improve your English Speaking.

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Phrasal verbs with BREAK

Given below is the list of 9 Phrasal Verbs with BREAK:

1. Break down

Meaning: Separate something into component parts

Example: We spent a lot of money at the supermarket. When we broke the total cost down, we spent more on cleaning supplies than food.

2. Break down

Meaning: Stop working/functioning

Example: I will be late for work today. My car broke down on the way.

3. Break into

Meaning: Enter by using force : ( and breaking a lock, window, etc. )

Example: Somebody broke into John’s apartment while he was at the movies.

4. Break in

Meaning: Train; someone/something accustomed to a new routine

Example: I hope I can learn my new job quickly. the manager hasn’t scheduled much time for breaking me in.

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5. Break in

Meaning: Wear something new until it’s/they’re comfortable

Example: These are nice shoes, but they’re too stiff. I hope it doesn’t take too long to break them in.

6. Break up

Meaning: Disperse; scatter

Example: What time did the party break up last night?

7. Break up

Meaning: End a personal relationship

Example: Shalini and Raju are not going steady anymore. They got really angry with each other and broke up.

8. Break through

Meaning: To pass through a barrier


The crowd broke through the barrier that was in front of the band.

9. Break away

Meaning: To leave something


I think Emily needs to break away from that group of friends. They are a bad influence on her.

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10. Break off

Meaning: To break a piece from something.


Please will you break off a big piece of chocolate for me?

11. Break out of

Meaning: To escape from somewhere


 I think it’s terrible that prisoners are still able to break out of prison. The public should be better protected.

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