Speaking Course Online – English With Akram

Speaking Course Online - English with Akram

Whether it’s about getting a job, teaching or something else, you need English in every field especially the section, speaking. Now a days, it’s really important to work on your communication skill. Learning a second language does help, and English comes out as one of the useful languages in modern life. If you are someone who is looking forward to doing a online speaking course, Akram Khan can you help you achieve your goal.

Online Speaking Course

Online speaking course is designed to help students and professionals who struggle a lot managing their timetables. Online speaking course is flexible with respect to timing. What’s more! You can join from any part of the world. All you need is a small space with peace and smooth data.

What You Will Learn

As any language comprises of the four parts (with respect to speaking): grammar, lexical resources, fluency and coherence and pronunciation, we need to include all these while learning speaking English as well. A learner will go through each and every aspect in order to build their confidence in speaking.

Course, Duration and Fee

Whether you are very tight on your budget or just plan to do a course with affordability, this course is suitable for you. You will have ease throughout your learning as everything is justified.

Having three days classes a week, you have enough time to practice as well. Just 300/- per hour means you are going to pay the least amount on the internet professionally. Where a trainer demands more than 500/– per hour, Akram Khan just provides online session at just 300/-.

Listen to What the Learners Are Saying:

Our students often share their experience through videos or texts. Here is what you can watch to understand what we offer and how how students grow with English Period:

Sourav from Jharkhand

Lavya from Delhi

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