Words Used as Different Parts of Speech from THAT

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Words used as different parts of speech are useful in speaking and writing. If we do not know the exact usage of a word, we can struggle to understand the overall meaning of a sentence. Apart from this, it can be challenging in speaking. In other words, using them with respect to their function is what seems difficult. In this lesson, we are going to see Words Used as Different Parts of Speech from THAT. Learn, Practice, and Improve.

Parts of Speech from THAT

This word is often used in speaking and writing. So, learning all the meanings is essential.

The word THAT has four functions as follows:





So, let’s see words Used as Different Parts of Speech from THAT.

That as a Pronoun

used as the subject or object of a verb to show which person or thing you are referring to, or to add information about a person or thing just mentioned. It is used for both people and things. It can often be left out:

I can’t find the books (that) I got from the library.

That as an Adjective

used to refer to a personobjectevent, etc., separated from the speaker by distance or time, or to something that has been referred to before, or to point to a particular thing:

This peach isn’t ripe – can I have that one (= the one farther away) on the table?

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That as an Adverb

as much as suggested:

She’s too young to walk that far.

That as a Conjunction

used to introduce a clause that reports something or gives further informationalthough it can often be left out:

He says that he wants to leave.

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