Words Used as Different Parts of Speech from TILL


Words used as different parts of speech are useful in speaking and writing. If we do not know the exact usage of a word, we can struggle to understand the overall meaning of a sentence. Apart from this, it can be challenging in speaking. In other words, using them with respect to their function is what seems difficult. In this lesson, we are going to see Words Used as Different Parts of Speech from TILL. Learn, Practice, and Improve.

Parts of Speech from TILL

This word is often used in speaking and writing. So, learning all the meanings is essential.

The word TILL has two functions as follows:



So, let’s see words Used as Different Parts of Speech from TILL.

Till as a Preposition

Till meaning as a preposition is “up to (the time that).”

He put off his work till tomorrow.

Till as a Conjunction

Till meaning as a Conjunction is to the time that or when.

Do not start till I say.

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