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Spoken English Structure | Daily Use English
To learn a second language is to possess a second soul.
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Featured Courses

Basic English Speaking Course
₹6,000 ₹5,100
Basic English Speaking

This course is available all year round for different periods.

Words used as different parts of specch - still meaning
₹1,500 ₹1,300
English for Kids Online

Standard course for those who wish to improve business language skills.

English Beginners
₹7,599 ₹6,199
English Beginners

You learn in small groups and benefit from 7.5 hours per week.

English Intermediate
₹14,499 ₹11,290
English Intermediate

Standard course for those who wish to improve English speaking language skills everywhere especially at workplace.

English Advanced
₹7,599 ₹6,199
English Advanced

This course is supposed to make you an expert in speaking and writing after doing the intermediate course. You will benefit in small groups from 7.7 hours per week.

Mastering Grammar

Small classes with a focus on grammar and written Chinese skills.

Basic Skills

This course is available all year round for different periods.


What Students Say

Dr. Saeed Ansari

English Period reviews

Being a doctor in a city hospital, It was necessary for me to speak fluent English. For this reason, I registered for a one-to-one English-speaking course with English Period. I learnt a lot with Akram Khan, and now, I am able to speak English confidently with any patient. I would recommend him to every professional.

Dr. Saeed Ansari
English Speaking Course

Ravi Ranjan

English Period Reviews

When it came to Public speaking, I used to be nervous all the time. Thanks to Akram Khan who helped me build my confidence and get rid off speech phobia. I would recommend the course I did with him to everyone.

Ravi Ranjan
English Speaking Course

Khushboo Singh

English Period reviews

I used to lack advanced vocabulary in my English speaking and writing. Doing a course with English Period helped me improve in both sections. All thanks to Mr. Khan who trained me for over a month and enabled me to learn and implement hundreds of words and expressions in the English language.

Khushboo Singh
Advanced Vocabulary Course
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3 Month - Beginners


This course is perfect for someone who wants to start easy English language learning.

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6 Months - A1 TO B2


Deliver yourself anywhere yourself with this course especially at workplace with easy.

Choose this program

9 Month - A1 TO C2


This course is designed to meet all your daily life speaking skills. This will enable you for advanced.

Choose this program
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