Frequently Used Idioms and Phrases with the verb ‘Carry’

Given below is the list of frequently used idioms and phrases with the verb “carry.’ Since they are widely used by native speakers, you should practice the given idioms and phrases in order to improve your vocabulary.

1. to carry one’s point

The meaning of to carry one’s point is to achieve the desired goal; to overcome obstacles placed in the way; to defeat the opposition in the public debate.

Example: Most of the reformers find it difficult to get people to give up a long prevailed custom, but they carry their point in the end.

2. to carry everything or all

to carry everything or all means to win the victory or to overcome the opposition fully.

Example: How is that of these two persons engaged in the same business, one can scarcely get a living, while the other carries all before him?

3. to carry away captive

to carry away captive means to take away into captivity, as prisoners of war.

Example: In ancient times, many prisoners of war were led captive and forced to live as slaves.

4. to carry a thing too far

to carry a thing too far means to continue it beyond what is logical or safe.

Example: How far will this gun carry? means, how far will a bullet shot from this gun go?

5. to carry matters with a high hand

to carry matters with a high hand means to take strong measures, to exercise authority with full force.

Example: The principal of the college carried matters with a high hand and expelled two students for a trivial offence.