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‘In spite of’ ‘despite’, ‘even though’ ‘although’ and though

There are a number of confusing words in English. However, ‘in spite of’, ‘despite’, ‘even though’, ‘although’ and ‘though’ are most confusing for many English learners. For this reason, we are going to focus on these important words and will be learning them in this lesson straight away. Kindly test your knowledge by taking a test at the end of this article to improve your English Vocabulary.

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Homographs in English

A homograph is a word of the same written form as another but of a different origin and meaning. 


The word ‘Act’ has two meanings:

1. I am going to act in a play.

2. She is in the second act of the play.

While ‘act’ is a verb in the first sentence, it’s a noun in the second one. The first means  “to take any action”  whereas the second means “a part of a play”


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