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Important proverbs in English

Important Proverbs in English with meanings and pictures in Hindi

You might have come across different situations in your life where you wanted to give a perfect example of what had happened. However, you might have been confused whether what to say or not, maybe! In such scenarios, we can use a proverb which is a short and pitty sentence expressing a truth ascertained by experience or observation. It is a sentence that briefly and forcibly expresses some practical truth. And, today, in this lesson, we’re going to see a list of some Important Proverbs in English with meanings and pictures to improve your vocabulary.

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preposition words

Preposition Words ‘In’, ‘Within’, ‘Ago’, and ‘Before’

A set of preposition words i.e, similar meaning words are often confusing for many English learners. For example, the Prepositions ago and before, and the other in and within can be challenging for students to understand. This is why I have published this post so that this article can help them learn the important differences between the given words.

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English period

‘In spite of’ ‘despite’, ‘even though’ ‘although’ and though

There are a number of confusing words in English. However, ‘in spite of’, ‘despite’, ‘even though’, ‘although’ and ‘though’ are most confusing for many English learners. For this reason, we are going to focus on these important words and will be learning them in this lesson straight away. Kindly test your knowledge by taking a test at the end of this article to improve your English Vocabulary.

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