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General Chinese

You learn in small groups and benefit from 15 hours per week.

12 week 1 $320
Business Chinese

Standard course for those who wish to improve business language skills.

10 week 0 $275
Work Placements

Get the best experience at our school by tutoring the beginners.

22 week 0 $190
Exam Preparation

This course is available for short periods during the year.

8 week 0 $220
Chinese For Children

Your children get to meet new friends and learn Chinese in groups.

20 week 0 $380
Intensive Course

A small-group course for the fastest and the most effective result.

12 week 0 $320
30-60-90 Business

Small classes with a focus on the Business conversational Chinese.

16 week 0 $265
Language Trainings

This course is mostly for business owners and corporate workers.

14 week 0 $240
Second Language

You learn in small groups and benefit from 15 hours per week.

10 week 0 $360
Language Studies

Mini-Group course is comprised of small groups (max 4 students).

12 week 0 $295
Mastering Grammar

Small classes with a focus on grammar and written Chinese skills.

21 week 0 $270
Basic Skills

This course is available all year round for different periods.

14 week 0 Testimonials

What Students Say

Khushboo Singh

English Period reviews

I used to lack advanced vocabulary in my English speaking and writing. Doing a course with English Period helped me improve in both sections. All thanks to Mr. Khan who trained me for over a month and enabled me to learn and implement hundreds of words and expressions in the English language.

Khushboo Singh
Advanced Vocabulary Course


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