Frequently Used Phrases with the verb ‘cast’

Given below is the list of frequently used idioms and phrases with the verb “cast.’ Since they are widely used by native speakers, you should practice the given idioms and phrases often in your speaking and writing.

1. to cast an eye upon

to cast an eye upon means to glance at.

Example: He cast a stern eye upon two persons sitting against him, trying to tease the girl at the reception.

2. to cast, or throw light upon

to cast, or throw light upon means to illuminate.

Example: After a long investigation, a woman came forward and stated some facts which cast fresh light upon the causes of suicide committed by the man.

3. to cast into the shade

to cast into the shade means to put to put into the shade; throw into the shade.

Example: A newspaper gives a thrilling account of Godhra carnage, next day’s paper tells of more horrible things still; the latter account casts the other into the shade.

4. to cast a slur upon one

to caste a slur upon one means to cast a slight reproach upon someone.

Example: Many a man brings a slur on his own reputation by stooping to some mean or hateful act.

5. to cast into one’s teeth

to cast into one’s teeth means to retort reproachfully, to make an insulting statement to one openly.

Example: Se cast it in her husband’s teeth that see had seen him drunk, whereas later on it turned out that she had mistaken anther man for her husband.

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