An intensifier makes an adjective stronger.  It comes before an adjective in a sentence.

For example:

The story was really interesting.

They are very clever.

She is extremely beautiful.

This is bitterly disgusting.

They are highly qualified teachers.

Note: All the red colour words are intensifiers while the texts in blue colour are adjectives.

Other examples of intensifiers:
amazingly particularly exceptionally
remarkably incredibly unusually
absolutely totally utterly

Enough is also used to tell more about an adjective, but it comes after its adjective.


If you are a graduate, you are experienced enough to teach kids.

A score of over 350 in cricket is big enough to defend.

You are matured enough to think about the matter.

Intensifiers with strong adjectives

First, you should know what strong adjectives are. These are words like:

very strong unyielding
very cold freezing
very bad atrocious
very wet soaked
very worried anxious
very thin gaunt


In general, very is not used with these adjectives. We can’t

say something is very freezing or someone is very anxious.

Strong adjectives are normally used with intensifiers like:

absolutely really
exceptionally quite
completely utterly

Examples in a sentence:

The car was incredibly unyielding.

The story was really interesting.

List of strong adjectives to use in speaking and writing:
Don’t say:

Rather say:

Very afraid Furious
Very angry Atrocious
Very bad Immaculate
Very beautiful Freezing
Very beaut Exquisite
Very big immense
Very bright dazzling
Very capable accomplished
Very clean spotless

Very clever brilliant
Very cold freezing
Very conventional conservative
Very dirty squalid
Very dry parched
Very eager keen
Very fast quick
Very fierce ferocious
Very good superb
Very happy jubilant
Very hot scalding
Very hungry ravenous
Very large colossal
Very lively vivacious
Very loved adored
Very neat immaculate
Very old ancient
Very poor destitute
Very pretty beautiful
Very quiet silent
Very risky perilous
Very roomy spacious
Very rude vulgar
Very serious solemn
Very small tiny
Very strong unyielding
Very strong
Very stupid  idiotic
Very tasty delicious
Very thin gaunt
Very tired exhausted
Very ugly hideous
Very valuable precious
Very weak feeble
Very wet soaked
Very wicked villainous
Very wise sagacious
Very worried anxious

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