IELTS Vocabulary Shopping: 25+ Expressions

Shopping vocabulary
1. Advertising campaign

Meaning : a series of advertisements to persuade people to but a buy a product or service


There has been a big advertising campaign for the latest HP Elite Book this month.
2. Big brand names

Meaning: large well-known companies or product names


One can see a number of big brand names in South Extension.
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3. To be careful with money

Meaning: to not over-spend

Middle class people have to be careful with money in order to make ends meet.
4. Carrier bag

Meaning: bags supplied  by shops

It’s bit stressful that carrier bags are not free of charge at any store.
5. Customer service

Meaning: the degree to which customers are treated well

I’d like to buy a Canon camera because its customer service is excellent.
6. To get into debt

Meaning: to owe money

I don’t want to get into debt by using a credit card.
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7. To give someone the hard sell

Meaning: to put pressure on someone to buy something

The shop assistant really gave me the hard sell when all I wanted was to look around.
8. High street names

Meaning: well-known shops

There is always  hue and cry at high street names in Lajpat Nagar.
9. Independent stores

Meaning: small shops independent of large companies

We’ll  to go to high street names in case we don’t find the latest Apple Macbook in nearby independent stores.
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10. Local shops

Meaning: community shops

We’ve got many local shops in our locality.
11. Loyalty card

Meaning: a card issued by a shop to allow customers to save money on the basis of what they spend

Loyalty cards get the customers back in the store.
12. Must-have product

Meaning: a product that is very popular that a lot of people want to have

I’m keen on buying the latest must-have products.
13. To be on a tight budget

Meaning: to have a limited amount of money to spend

Being a student he’s on a tight budget so he has to be careful with money all the time.
14. To be on commission

Meaning: to pay pay someone in relation to the amount they sell

Most of the shop assistants were probably on commission at the super market.
15. To pay in cash

Meaning: to pay for something using coins or paper money

I will pay in cash. Here is 10,000 Rupees.
16. To pay the full price

Meaning: to pay the full amount for something

There is no discount on this shirt so you have to pay the full price.
17. To pick up a bargain

Meaning: to buy something much cheaper than the normal price

I never miss to pick up the bargain at Amazon during summer sales.
18. To run up a credit card bill

Meaning: to owe money on a credit card

People probably spend a bit too much on food and pet care, but they don’t run up a credit card bill to do it.
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19. To shop around

Meaning: to try different shops to find the best deal

 When you’re buying an insurance, you should always shop around for the best deal.
20. Shop assistant

Meaning: the person who serves customers

I think every shop assistant in the shop must be given  a fortnight’s holiday during the year..
21. To shop till you drop

Meaning: to do a lot of shopping

You can use your card in cash machines, or to shop till you drop.
22. To snap up a bargain

Meaning: to buy something quickly that is being sold cheaply

Crowds of people snapped up a bargain on groceries at the local shop.
23. To try something on

Meaning: to see if an item of clothing fits or is suitable

I’d like to to take my time to try this shirt on.
24. To be value for money

Meaning: to be worth the cost

New HP Elite Book is great value for money, coming in under $800.
25. Window-shopping

Meaning: to visit a store to look at items without the intention of buying anything

Unity One is a good place for window-shopping.

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