An intensifier makes an adjective stronger.  It comes before an adjective in a sentence.

For example:

The story was really interesting.

They are very clever.

She is extremely beautiful.

This is bitterly disgusting.

They are highly qualified teachers.

Note: All the red colour words are intensifiers while the texts in blue colour are adjectives.

Other examples of intensifiers:

Enough is also used to tell more about an adjective, but it comes after its adjective.


If you are a graduate, you are experienced enough to teach kids.

A score of over 350 in cricket is big enough to defend.


You are matured enough to think about the matter.

Intensifiers with strong adjectives

First, you should know what strong adjectives are. These are words like:

very strongunyielding
very coldfreezing
very badatrocious
very wetsoaked
very worriedanxious
very thingaunt

In general, very is not used with these adjectives. We can’t

say something is very freezing or someone is very anxious.

Strong adjectives are normally used with intensifiers like:


Examples in a sentence:

The car was incredibly unyielding.

The story was really interesting.

List of strong adjectives to use in speaking and writing:
Don’t say:

Rather say:

Very afraidTerrified
Very angryFurious 
Very badAtrocious
Very beautifulExquisite
Very bigimmense
Very brightdazzling
Very capableaccomplished
Very cleanspotless

Very cleverbrilliant
Very coldfreezing
Very conventionalconservative
Very dirtysqualid
Very dryparched
Very eagerkeen
Very fastquick
Very fierceferocious
Very goodsuperb
Very happyjubilant
Very hotscalding
Very hungryravenous
Very largecolossal
Very livelyvivacious
Very lovedadored
Very neatimmaculate
Very oldancient
Very poordestitute
Very prettybeautiful
Very quietsilent
Very riskyperilous
Very roomyspacious
Very rudevulgar
Very serioussolemn
Very smalltiny
Very strongunyielding
Very stupid idiotic
Very tastydelicious
Very thingaunt
Very tiredexhausted
Very uglyhideous
Very valuableprecious
Very weakfeeble
Very wetsoaked
Very wickedvillainous
Very wisesagacious
Very worriedanxious

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