We should always have backup when it comes to lexical resources that are a word or phrase. For this reason, it’s important to learn different terms for a particular thing. In this lesson, we will learn 10 ways to Describe Bad People. Learn, practice, and improve.

Different ways to say sorry

Short-tempered / quick-tempered
Stupid / dim-witted
Inconsiderate / thoughtless

How To Use These Phrases In Your English:

Adjective 1 describes somebody who doesn’t make
friends easily and says and does things that make other
people not like them.

Adjective 2 describes somebody who gets angry quickly
or is often angry with other people

Adjective 3 describes somebody who doesn’t do very
much / tries to do as little work as possible.

Adjective 4 describes somebody who is not intelligent.

Adjective 5 describes a person who does not give things
or help to other people very much.

Adjective 6 describes somebody who is not all interesting.

Adjective 7 describes a person who does not think about
other people when they make decisions.

Adjective 8 describes somebody (usually a teacher / boss /
parent) who makes very hard rules and makes other
people keep these rules

Adjective 9 describes somebody who does not do things
that they said they would do.

Adjective 10 describes a person who tells lies or who
steals things from other people.

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