Speaking seems a challenge especially in the environment where your work or study, and one lacking the skill can feel embaressed. For this reason, one should start working on improving communication skills. Since English has become a second language on the face of the earth, we should be learning this language. English Period has launched a new course for students, adults, and professionals who are on the lookout to improve their skills in the language. You can know more about the course in the article “Communication Classes in Uttam Nagar.”

Speaking Classes in Uttam Nagar

Although there are many centers around Uttam Nagar, It’s difficult to find the best learning center. Students are always in dilemma about choosing the best courses for them. English Period Guides student and help them in doing a relevant course meeting their requirements. Kindly read the given details in order to see every detail in a nutshell:

The Course Details

The communication course is for 3 months  in which trainees will be learning different things throughout the course as follow:e

You will be learning the practical approaches to grammar. The trainer will help students make proper sentences and use them in speaking.

Since one cannot communicate effectively unloess they pronounce the words correctly, it’s important to know how to pronounce the words correctly. Students will be learning all the rules of pronunciation and practcie togetehr in the class.

Pitch, frequency and accuracy matters when it comes to speaking. Apart from this, learners do need to know where  to rise and where to fall. And, they will be learning all these things in the course.

Vocabulary is the building block of communication and you cannot really excel in communciation if you don’t know a lot of words and phrases. Since it’s essential to learn words for every situation, learning lexical resources is something thatr is the epicentre of the languuage.

How the Traines Benefit?

Students benefit a lot after the course and are able to learn a number of things before the course gets finished. Whether it’s about confidence or fluency, trainees excl in both. Divya Tiwari from Uttarakhand is an example of how students keep on learning and improving at our centre. Do watch the video that has been linked below in order to get the overall idea of what you can get after joining our courses.

Take a Look of the Course

In normal days, the course fee is 6000/-, hwoever, it’s just 5100/- in the offer period. Don;t miss the Teachers Day Offer and join our result oriented course at the centre. You can take a look of our classes and all here.

Communication Class

Improve Your Speaking
5100 Three Months
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Session: 1 Hour
  • Classes: 6 Days a week
  • Activities: Numerous

More Reviews

Divya is not the only students who are writing about English period and their journey with it, so are other students who share their valuable experience with new English learners. Here are some trainees across different states who were trained at our centre.

Renu, Delhi
Renu, Delhi
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As an English language teacher I often struggled in speaking especiialy when it came to face public. English Period helped me overcome speech phobia.
RaviRanjan, Bihar
RaviRanjan, Bihar
Read More
Learning a ot of vocabualry with respect to every situationw as always a chal;lenge for me, and the trainer of the Institution was helpul and supported me all the way throughout the course.
Muskan, Rajasthan
Muskan, Rajasthan
Read More
I was always feared of public speaking and I successfull overcame doing a course at English Period. I reccomend every aspirant to join this institute.

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