IELTS Vocabulary on Work- Useful Expressions for Speaking

IELTS Vocabulary on Work

1. to be called for an interview

Meaning: to be invited for an interview


One, of course, needs to have a degree to have a chance of being called for an interview.

to be your own boss

2. to be your own boss

Meaning: to have your own business

I am fed up with working in this company for the last three years. All I want is to be my own boss now.

a dead-end job

3. A dead-end job

Meaning: a job with no promotional opportunities

Recent researches show that most of the employees are often in stress because of dead-end jobs at the workplace.

to do a job-share

4. To do a job-share

Meaning: to share the weekly hours of work with another person.

I’ve been doing a job share with a friend in a boutique.

a good team player
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5. A good team player

Meaning: somebody who can work well with other people.

A good team player keeps on contributing to every project.

full-time work

6. Full-time

Meaning: the number Of hours that people usually work in a complete weak.

Full-time jobs often offer good salary.

heavy workload

7. A heavy workload

Meaning: to have a  lot Of work to do.

A heavy workload can result in stress.

a high-powered job

8. A high-powered job

Meaning: an important or powerful job

If you qualify UPSC exam, you will definitely get a high-powered job.

holiday entitlement

9. Holiday entitlement

Meaning: the number Of days holiday allowed

A thing like a holiday entitlement matters a lot when it comes to working conditions.

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