sick leave IMAGE

19. Sick leave

Meaning: time allowed off work when sick

 I just want to know who worked in my instead during my sick leave.

to be stuck behind a desk meaning in English

20. To be stuck behind a desk

Meaning: to be unhappy in an office job

I really find it a bit stressful to be stuck behind a desk.

to be/get stuck in a rut

21. To be/get stuck in a rut

Meaning: To be in a boring job that is hard to leave.

This is some sort of job where you may have to get in a rut.

to take early retirement

22. to take early retirement

Meaning: to retire early (retire: to reach an age when you are allowed to stop working for a living)

An idea of taking early retirement sounds good if one plans to spend more time with their family.

temporary work

23. temporary work

Meaning: work done for a limited time only

I am earning $40 per day but unfortunately, it’s temporary work.

voluntary work

24. voluntary work

Meaning: to work without pay

I got a lot of pleasure out of voluntary work at the local beach.

25. to be well paid

Meaning: to earn a good salary

I easily make ends meet as I’m well paid for my work.

26. working conditions

Meaning: the hours, salary and other entitlements that come with the job

One should take a look at working conditions before joining their job at any company.

to work with hands meaning

27. To work with your hands

Meaning: to do manual work

I love to work with my hands because I’m quite a creative persona.


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