jib satsifaction

10. Job satisfaction

Meaning: the feeling of enjoying a job.

Employees in the BPO sector have often less job satisfaction.

11. Manual work

Meaning: work that requires physical activity

Manual work requires a lot of time and energy.

maternity leave meaning in English

12. Maternity leave

Meaning: time off work given to women about to have a baby.

Big companies are taking maternity leave into considering to give relief to working women.

to meet a deadline meaning in English

13. To meet a deadline

Meaning: to finish a job by an agreed time

I make sure to meet a deadline in every project I do at Flipcart.

a nine to five job

14. A nine-to-five job

Meaning: a normal job that consists of an 8 hour day (Approximately) 

 A nine-to-five job may have a heavy workload.

perk of the job

15. One of the perks of the job

Meaning: an extra benefit you get from a job.

One of the perks of the job at Fanshawe College was I got a smartphone.

16. Part-time

Meaning: working less than full-time

I have two part-time jobs besides my online work during weekdays.

to run up

17. To run your own business

Meaning: to have your own business

My father runs up his own business and he really loves his work.

self employed

18. To be self-employed

Meaning: to have your own business

I’m still self-employed and I really love my job.


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