Break up image

1. to break up

Meaning: to end up a romantic relationship


I don’t know why she broke up with Mike.

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drift apart i friendship

2. to drift apart

Meaning: to become less close to someone

One of my friends drifted apart just after he fell in love.

Enjoy someone's comapany

3. to enjoy someone’s company

Meaning: to like spending time  with someone

We really enjoy each other’s company because we share similar interests.

to fall for

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4. to fall for

Meaning: to fall in love

My friend fell for a Russian girl on his last holiday.

to fall head over heels in llove

5. to fall head over heels in love

Meaning: to start to love someone a lot

I have no idea about when I fell head over heels in her love.

to fall out with

6. to fall out with

Meaning: to have a disagreement and stop being friends

David and Michael sees eye-to-eye on most things so they rarely fall out with each other.

Enjoy someone's comapany

7. to get on like a house on fire

Meaning: to like someone’s company very much indeed

I’m really getting on like a house on fire with Rosy.

to get on well with

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8. to get on well with

Meaning: to understand someone and enjoy similar interests

I have no issue with Maria, I always get on well with her.

9. to get to know

Meaning: to begin to know someone

We have got to know each other.

to go back years

10. to go back years

Meaning: to have known someone for a long time


My other friendships go back years when we were at hostel.

to have a lot in common in English

11. to have a lot in common

Meaning: to share similar interests

We have a lot in common so we enjoy each other’s company.

ups and downs meaning

12. to have ups and downs

Meaning: to have good and bad times

Every relationship has its ups and downs.

healthy relationship meaning

13. a healthy relationship

Meaning: a good, positive relationship

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

14. to hit it off

Meaning: to quickly become good friends with

We hit it off with other employees at the workplace.

15. to be in a relationship

Meaning: to be romantically involved with someone

I think they are in a relationship for the last three years.

to be just good friends

16. to be just good friends

Meaning: to not be romantically involved

We are just good friends, nothing else!

17. to keep in touch with

Meaning: to keep in contact with

Not every mate kept in touch with me after the high school study.

to lose touch with meaning in English

18. to lose touch with

Meaning: to not see or hear from someone any longer

I’ve lost touch with many friends after joining my duty at the campus.

love at first sight meaning in English

19. love at first sight

Meaning: to fall in love immediately you meet someone

 Our incredible story began with love at the first sight.

20. to pop the question

Meaning: to ask someone to marry you

I’ve known her for years so I will pop the question now.


21. to see eye to eye

Meaning: to agree on a subject

It’s really interesting that we see eye-to-eye on different things.

22. to settle down

Meaning: to give up the single life and start a family

I really want to settle down because I’m fed with my single life.

to strike up a relationship

23. to strike up a relationship

Meaning: to begin a friendship

She really wants to strike up a relationship with me.

to tie the now meaning in ENGLISH

24. to tie the knot

Meaning: to get married

I’m going to tie the knot next month in Manali.

25. to be well matched

Meaning: to be similar to

I’m well matched to her when it comes to likes and dislikes.

to work up at a relationship meaning in English

26. to work at a relationship

Meaning: to try to maintain a positive relationship with someone

Very few people try to work at a relationship these days.


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