Idioms are so useful when it comes to expressing something in a better way, especially in the speaking section. There are some situations when you have to state something in a short period of time but it takes so much time to deliver. Then comes the role of idioms that makes your sentences look more precise and effective. Here is lesson 100 of the Useful Idioms for Better Communication Series that you can learn to improve your speaking and writing.

Daily Use Idioms #100

Here is the list of 7 Idioms in this lesson. Learn, Use, and Improve.

Note: sth means something while sb means somebody. One’s is replaced with a possessive pronoun such as your, my, his, her, etc.

1. all guns blazing

– argue or do sth with lot of force and energy

जोर जोर से तर्क वितर्क करना

Naomi has moved in, with all guns blazing.

2. throw out of gear

-disrupt the smooth running of sth

सीधे सीधे काम न होने देना

Unusually heavy rains have thrown things out gear for those living in the normally arid region. 

3. go without saying

-be self-evident, a matter of course

स्पष्ट होना

It goes without saying that health is above wealth.

4. go out of one’s way

-take extra trouble to do sth beyond what is required

जरूररत से ज़ादा करना, अव्यश्कता से अधिक कर डालना

Mrs. Mott went out of her way to be courteous to Sara

5. for good

– forever, finally

– सदा के लिए

We are hoping for good weather on Sunday.

6. goody-goody

– sb who tries too hard to please people in authority, especially to teachers and parents

नेकी का दम भरने वाला

She’s a real goody-goody – I hate her!

7. kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

-destroy a source of income or profit

सोने के अंडे देने वाली मुर्गी को मार डालना

High taxes kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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