Idioms are so useful when it comes to expressing something in a better way, especially in the speaking section. There are some situations when you have to state something in a short period of time but it takes so much time to deliver. Then comes the role of idioms that makes your sentences look more precise and effective. Here is lesson 89 of the Useful Idioms for Better Communication Series that you can learn to improve your speaking and writing.

Daily Use Idioms #80

Here is the list of 7 Idioms in this lesson. Learn, Use, and Improve.

Note: sth means something while sb means somebody. One’s is replaced with a possessive pronoun such as your, my, his, her, etc.

1. first come, first served

– people who ask for sth first will be the ones who get in

-पहले आओ पहले पाओ

Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.

2. at first glance /sight

– one’s first impression

-पहली नज़र में

They fell in love at first glance.

3. go with the flow

-do the easiest thing, accept the prevailing trend

धारा के साथ बहना

Whereas I seek to go with the flow.

4. a fly on the wall

– an unseen observer or listener

अद्रिश्य अवलोकन करना

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when he tells her the news.

5. start off on the wrong foot

-make a bad beginning, start relations with an argument

-गलत शुरुआत करना

Many women, through no fault of their own, appear to start off on the wrong foot.

6. put one’s foot down

– firmly refuse

-बिलकुल मना कर देना

When those who kill him who pursued, he put one’s foot down to hide, he is tough fight.

7. put one’s foot in it

-make a blunder

-बड़ी भूल करना

I really put my foot in it when I asked her about her job.

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