Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning followed by an example with a relevant picture. This blog post on “Weather Vocabulary” aims to help ESL learners and teachers in order to help improve their English.

zero degrees celcius
1. to be below freezing

Meaning: below zero degrees Celsius


The temperature is below freezing today.

bitterly cold image

2. bitterly cold

Meaning: very cold and unpleasant


There is bitterly cold every morning in the month of January in many parts of India.


covered with snow meaning in English

3. a blanket of snow

Meaning: a complete covering of snow


There is nothing I like more than to see my town covered in blanket snow.


boiling hot PIC

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4. boiling hot

Meaning: very hot(


It is difficult to survive in boiling hot areas such as Rajasthan.

changeable weather image
5. changeable

Meaning: whether that often changes


The weather is changeable throughout February month in our country.


change in weather image


6. a change in the weather

Meaning: when weather conditions change


A change in the weather can destroy many plans, especially during a marriage.

clear blue skies meaning

7. clear blue skies

Meaning: a sky without clouds

When we reached there, it was clear blue skies.


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clear up meaning

8. to clear up

Meaning: when clouds or rain disappear

The weather cleared up after heavy rainfall.


to come out meaning in English

9. to come out(the sun

Meaning: when the sun appears out of a clouded sky

The sun came out after a long time that day.


cold spell meaning in English
10. a cold spell

Meaning: a short period of cold weather


We had moved in from the garden during a cold spell in February.


to dress up warm meaning in English

11. to dress up warm

Meaning: to wear warm clothes to protect yourself against wintry conditions

It is freezing cold outside so let’s dress up warm.


a drop of rain meaning in English

12. a drop of rain

Meaning: a little bit of rain

I just felt a drop of rain.


a flesh flood meaning in English

13. a flash flood

Meaning: a sudden and severe flood

flash flood warning had already been issued for the Oklahoma City metro.


freezing cold meaning in English

14. freezing cold

Meaning: very cold(informal)

It is raining and freezing cold outside.


to get caught in the rain meaning in English

15. to get caught in the rain

Meaning: to be outside when it rains unexpectedly

They got caught in the rain on the way home.


to get drenched meaning in English

16. to get drenched

Meaning: to get very wet

We all got drenched in the market yesterday.


heatstroke meaning in English

17. heatstroke

Meaning: a serious condition caused by being too long in hot weather

We need to find the optimal method that treats heatstroke

heatwave meaning in English

18. a heatwave

Meaning: a period of very hot weather

I escaped the heatwave in Chennai earlier this summer and flew to Kashmir.


heavy rain meaning in English
19. heavy rain

Meaning: intense rainfall

 I got caught in the heavy rain.


long-range forecast meaning in English

20. long-range forecast

Meaning: the weather forecast for several days or weeks ahead

Rain and mud had been factors during the event in the past although the long-range forecast was for dry weather.


mild climate meaning in English

21. mild climate

Meaning: a climate without extreme weather conditions

The national capital is blessed with plentiful rainfall and a mild climate.


mild winter meaning in English

22. mild winter

Meaning: a winter that isn’t particularly cold

This area is well-known for its very mild winter climate.


not a cloud in the sky meaning in English

23. not a cloud in the sky

Meaning: a sky without clouds

There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky yesterday.


to pour down meaning in English

24. to pour down

Meaning: to rain heavily

Just as the cameras started rolling over the ground, it began to pour down with rain.


rained off

25. to be rained off

Meaning: to be cancelled or postponed due to poor weather

The match was rained off yesterday at 5:00 pm.


sunny spells meaning

26. sunny spells

Meaning: a short period of sunny weather


There is a chance of sunny spells in the North.

thick fog meaning in English
27. thick fog

Meaning: a dense fog that makes visibility very poor


It is not safe to drive in a thick fog.

torrential rain
28. torrential rain

Meaning: intense rainfall


The cricket game was cancelled owing to torrential rain.

tropical storm meaning in English
29. tropical storm

Meaning: a storm typical of ones that you find in tropical climates


A tropical storm warning is up for the Bahamas.

weather forecast
30. weather forecast

Meaning: a TV/radio program or section in a newspaper/magazine which predicts weather conditions

The weather forecast says there will be no rain.


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