We should always have backup when it comes to lexical resources that are a word or phrase. For this reason, it’s important to learn different terms for a particular thing. In this lesson, we will learn 10 ways to say sorry. Learn, practice, and improve.

Different ways to say sorry

I’m (so / very / terribly) sorry.
Ever so sorry.
How stupid/careless/thoughtless of me.
Pardon (me)
That’s my fault.
Sorry. It was all my fault.
Please excuse my (ignorance)
Please don’t be mad at me.
Please accept our (sincerest) apologies.

How To Use These Phrases In Your English:

Phrase 1 is a general short apology. We use this when we
bump into people on the street. At other times, it sounds
too weak.

In phrase 2, we use ‘so’
,’very’ and ‘terribly’ to make the
meaning stronger. ‘Terribly’ is the strongest. If we use
one of the words in brackets, it is stressed.

Phrase 3 is quite formal but it’s a stronger apology than
just ‘sorry’.

We use phrase 4 to criticize ourselves and the mistake
that we have just made.

We use phrases 6 and 7 to take all the responsibility for
what happened. Phrase 7 is a little stronger.

We use phrase 8 to apologize for our lack of knowledge
or ability. We can replace the word in brackets with other
nouns, e.g. carelessness, forgetfulness.

Phrase 9 is asking the other person not to get angry. The
tone is quite informal.

Phrase 10 is often used in formal letters. The word
‘sincerest’ makes the apology very strong and very formal.

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