1. air quality

Meaning : the cleanliness of the air we breathe


Protecting our air quality should guide us.

2. to become extinct

Meaning: to no longer exist

Pandas could become extinct in the wild. 
3. to be under threat

Meaning: to be in danger of becoming extinct

The railway is under threat of closure.
4. climit change

Meaning: The change in worldwide weather pattern 

He is also a big reader.
departure lounge
5. to die out

Meaning: see ‘ to become extinct’

I had to wait for a long time in the departure lounge before the plane took off.
6. endangered species

Meaning: categories of animals or plants that are in danger of becoming extinct

Pandas are an endangered species.
7. endangered conservation

Meaning: the careful management of energy resources to ensure they last as long as possible

I can’t mane to get away from it all.
8. environmentally friendly

Meaning: behaviour and products that do not harm the environment

You’d better book a guided-tour.
9. exhaust fumes

Meaning: the toxic gases given off by vehicles powered by petrol


Exhaust fumes are poisoning our cities.

10. flash floods

Meaning: floods that happen quickly

Even though I’ve been to many holiday destinations, wildlife safari to Kenya was the holiday of my lifetime.
11. fossil fuels

Meaning: energy resources like gas and oil that are produced deep below the ground over millions of years

Loyalty cards get the customers back in the store.
12. future generations

Meaning: the people who live after us

I’m keen on buying the latest must-have products.
13. to get back to nature

Meaning: to live a life that closer to nature

Being a student he’s on a tight budget so he has to be careful with money all the time.
14. global warming

Meaning: the increasing temperature of the world brought about by gases such as carbon dioxide

Most of the shop assistants were probably on commission at the super market.
15. toxic waste

Meaning: poisonous, unwanted rubbish often produced by industrial processes

I will pay in cash. Here is 10,000 Rupees.
16. heavy industry

Meaning: the manufacture of heavy articles and materials in large numbers

There is no discount on this shirt so you have to pay the full price.
17. humanitarian aid

Meaning: the act od showing support to people struggling to survive

I never miss to pick up the bargain at Amazon during summer sales.
18. impact on

Meaning: the effect on 

People probably spend a bit too much on food and pet care, but they don’t run up a credit card bill to do it.
19. loss of habitat

Meaning: the decline in areas of land where animals and plants would normally exist

When you’re buying an insurance, you should always shop around for the best deal.
20. man-made disaster

Meaning: widespread damage or loss of life brought about by the action of humans

I think every shop assistant in the shop must be given  a fortnight’s holiday during the year..
21. natural disaster

Meaning: an event such as an earthquake, flood or hurricane which causes widespread damange an loss of life

Were we in the throes of a natural disaster?
22. natural environment

Meaning: the place where animals and plants would normally be found in nature

Eva was back in her natural environment.
23. the natural world

Meaning: the world of nature



I’d like to to take my time to try this shirt on.
24. oil spill

Meaning: waste usually deposited in the seas and oceans after an accident at sea


An oil spill could be devastating for wildlife.
25. poaching

Meaning: to hunt and kill wild animals illegally

Unity One is a good place for window-shopping.
26. pollution levels

Meaning: the amount of toxic waste

Unity One is a good place for window-shopping.
27. wildlife conservation

Meaning: to protect animals and plants their habitats

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28. pressure group

Meaning: a group of people who try to raise awareness of issues and try to affect the views and actions of people and organisations

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