1. to balance the books

Meaning : to not spend more money than you are earning


Saving seed can help balance the books, but it’s not to be undertaken lightly.

2.to be self- employed

Meaning: to work for yourself /to not work for an employer

We should always be employed in something.
3. to cold call

Meaning: to make a sales call to someone without asking them for permission first.

They had heard of Oyston, who had originally been contacted as a cold call, but they had never met him.
4.cut throat competition

Meaning: when one company lowers its prices, forcing other companies to do the same, sometimes to a point where business becomes unprofitable

He is also a big reader.
5. to do market

Meaning: to do research into what potential customers would or wouldn’t buy

I had to wait for a long time in the departure lounge before the plane took off.
6. to draw up a business plan

Meaning: to write a plan for a new business


BPR can be avoid the risks of new market plan unadapted for social demands.
7. to drum up business

Meaning: to try to get customers

Her job was to drum up business.
8. to earn money

Meaning: to earn money

You’d better book a guided-tour.
9. to go bust

Meaning: when a business is forced to close because it is unsuccessful


Now the process has reached crisis point: the organization is about to go bust.

10. cash flow

Meaning: the money coming in and going out of a business

Even though I’ve been to many holiday destinations, wildlife safari to Kenya was the holiday of my lifetime.
11. to go into business with

Meaning: to join another person to start or expand a business

Loyalty cards get the customers back in the store.
12. to go it alone

Meaning: to start your own business

I’m keen on buying the latest must-have products.
maternity leave meaning in English
13. to go under

Meaning: (see ‘ to go bust’ ) 

Being a student he’s on a tight budget so he has to be careful with money all the time.
14. to have a web presence

Meaning: to have a website or social media profile that showcases your business

Most of the shop assistants were probably on commission at the super market.
15. to launch a product

Meaning: to start selling and promoting a new product

I will pay in cash. Here is 10,000 Rupees.
16. to lay someone off

Meaning: when a company ends an employee’s contract of employment

There is no discount on this shirt so you have to pay the full price.
17. lifestyle business

Meaning: a business that is set up to bring in a sufficient income and no more

I never miss to pick up the bargain at Amazon during summer sales.
18. to make a profit

Meaning: to earn more money than it costs to run thebusiness

People probably spend a bit too much on food and pet care, but they don’t run up a credit card bill to do it.
19. niche business

Meaning: a business that serves a small, particular market

When you’re buying an insurance, you should always shop around for the best deal.
20. to raise a company profile

Meaning: to make more people aware of a business

I think every shop assistant in the shop must be given  a fortnight’s holiday during the year..
21. to run your own business

Meaning: to have business of your own

We have the expertise to help you run your business.
22. sales figures

Meaning: a report of the income a company generates through sales of products or services

Crowds of people snapped up a bargain on groceries at the local shop.
23. to set a business

Meaning: to start a business

Why is it advantageous
to set a business up as
 a limited company?
24. stiff competition

Meaning: strong competition from other companies in the same area of work

New HP Elite Book is great value for money, coming in under $800.
25. to make on employee

Meaning: to employ people 

Starting a new business, by the way, does not necessarily mean taking on employees.
26. to take out a loan

Meaning: to borrow money

Unity One is a good place for window-shopping.

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