A collective noun is a word used to address a gathering of people, animals, or things.

Below is the list of A to Z collective nouns:


Anthology of poems
Anthology of prose
Archipelago of islands
Argument of architects
Arguments of historians
Armada of ships
Army of ants
Army of caterpillars
Army of eagles
Army of frogs
Army of herrings
Army of soldiers


Band of jays
Band of men
Band of musicians
Bank of circuits
Bank of monitors
Bank of swans
Banner of knights
Barrel of monkeys
Bed of flowers
Bed of oysters
Bed of snakes
Bellowing of bullfinches
Belt of asteroids
Bench of bishops

Bench of judges
Bench of magistrates
Boll of flour
Bond of women
Book of wagers
Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
Brace of bucks
Brace of ducks ( a pair)



Cartload of monkeys
Cast of actors
Cast of falcons
Cast of hawks
Cast of flower-pots
Catch of fish
Cavalcade of horsemen
Cete of badgers
Chain of bobolinks
Chain of islands
Chain of matches
Charm of finches
Charm of ferries
Charm of goldfinches

Charm of hummingbirds
Chatter of budgerigars
Chattering of chicks
Chattering of choughs
Chattering of goldfinches
Chest of drawers
Clutter of spiders
Clutter of starlings
Coalition of cheetahs
Coil of wigeon
Collection of objects
Collective of nouns
Colony of ants
Colony of badgers
Colony of bats
Colony of beavers
Colony of frogs
Company of moles
Convocation of eagles
Convoy of lorries
Convoy of trucks
Copse of trees
Cornucopia of slugs
Corps of giraffes
Cortege of mourners
Cote of doves
Coterie of prairie dogs
Coven of witches
Cover of coots



Descent of relatives
Descent of  woodpeckers
Desert of lapwings
Destruction of cats 
Dicker of hides
Disguising of tailors
Dissimulation of birds
Diving of teal
Division of soldiers
Doading of sheldrakes
Dole of doves
Dopping of ducks
Dopping of sheldrakes
Dout of cats (house cats)
Down of hares
Down of rabbits
Down of sheep
Doyft of swine
Draught of butlers
Draught of fish
Dray of squirrels
Drift of bees
Drift of boars (herded)

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