Before you can characterise what your identity is, you need to initially see a few instances of character qualities. These can be dictated by our activities, perspectives, and practices. To assist you with finding your very own qualities, we are providing a list of words in the category “Traits of people” below.


A person whose personality has features of both introverts and extroverts.


Quarrels in an attempt of convincing others.


Fits easily with other people.


Polite, considerate and respectful


One who has a capacity to work hard.


One who tries to control others with no consideration fro their feelings or opinions. 


Bold, daring, fun loving, always communicating first and attempting to be a “can do” person.


One who shows a lot of excitement and eagerness.


Very open and direct in what one says.


Reserved, shy and responding to communication with some persuasion, also a “can do” person but within closed doors.


One who tries to find out details about other people.


One who does not like to talk one’s own quality.


Master of something


Unwilling to seriously consider opinions or views that are so different from is own.


One who has a high opinion of own qualities.


One who does his or her work in a well planned manner.


One who is nervous in other’s company.


One who is not willing to change his mind


One who is always willing to yield to other’s authority.


One who is careful not to upset others.

Now, let me ask what your personality trait is.

Did you watch these reviews?

Lisa from Hungary
Zohre from Iran


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