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While the two words some and any are widely used in speaking and writing, many speakers and writers do not care about how they should be used in a sentence. Today in this lesson, we are going to discuss the difference between some and any with examples.

Introduction of some and any

When we cannot determine or do not want/need to determine a number or an exact amount, we use the words some and any. However, there are some guidelines to use them. Kindly look at the following points before using them in sentences.

Some in positive sentence

Generally, some can be used in positive sentences. For example:
I got some nice presents for Diwali this year.
I think this going to take some time.
I want to drink some water. 

Any in negative sentences

We can use any in negative sentences.
For example:

I don’t need any rupees. 

I didn’t get any nice presents on Diwali this year.

I can’t do any work now.

Some for offering or requesting

We can also use some for offering something to someone or requesting someone.

For example:

Would you like some more coffee? (Offer)

Could I have some milk please? (Request)

Any in positive sentences

Any can also be used in positive sentences when we mean it it doesn’t matter which…

For example:

You can come and ask for my help any time.

You can return it any time you want.

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