When it comes to English speaking, to sound just like a native speaker matters a lot. If you want the same in your communication skill, you can use advanced phrases as much as possible. And, for this reason, you should learn these prepositional phrases with ‘out’ and add them to your to-do vocabulary list.

1. Out of debt

I can relax, I am out of debt now.

2. Out of work

People throughout the country the country are our of work due to Covid-19.

3. Out of trouble

You should keep yourself out of trouble.

4. Out of the question

Starting a a business during the second wave of Covid-19 is out of the question this year.

5. Out of stock

Real Me Pro is out of stock on Amazon.

6. Out of spite

He broke his elder’s sister watch out of spite.

7. Out of sight

Get out of sight!

8. Out of respect for

I am doing it out of respect for my uncle.

9. Out of reach

His number is out of reach at the moment.

10. Out of print

My Smart Aadhar Card has gone out of print.

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11. Out of practice

I couldn’t perform, I was out of practice.

12. Out of place

Now a days, I feel out of place in every assembly.

13. Out of debt

I can relax, I am out of debt now.

14. Out of the ordinary

His brand new car is certainly out of the ordinary.

15. Out of pity

I helped him with some coins out of pity.

16.Out of order

My phone was out of order for a week.

17. Out of one’s mind

I am unable to get her out of my mind.

18. Out of jealousy

They broke the window of my car out of jealousy.

19. Out of step

I was out of steps with my school mates.

20. Out of date

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This approach looks out of date .

21. Out of hand

I think the situation is out of hand

22. Out of ideas

All state governments have gone out of ideas.

23. Out of fashion

This is the dress that never goes out of fashion.


24. Out of curiosity

Please don’t mind it, I asked out of curiosity.

25. Out of control

The health system of my country is out of control now.

26. Out of context

Some questions were out of context.

27. Out of breath

He looked out of breath after his run.

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