If you were looking for a Daily Use Sentence Hindi to English, then you are at the right place as you will get what you were up to on this site. 10 Sentences on daily basis will be updated in the series by the Author of the website, Akram Khan. Now, let’s see the sentences below:

More examples:

Kindly turn the book right side up.

Can you please turn the mobile right side up?

We will hire some workers at the moment.

We will hire a driver for three days in Chennai.

Turn the box upside down, please.

Turn the notebook upside down.

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Get Seema off the table.

I think we should get that flower off the table.

I wish, I were a king.

I wish, I were the Prime Minister of this country.

Her sister’s marriage is drawing near.

My elder brother’s marriage is drawing near.

What can we do in this situation?

How should we survive in this situation?

That book is lying upside down?

Your table is lying upside down.

Don’t unpack your baggage.

He requested me to unpack my luggage.

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