English Sentence Structure में Could have + v3 का प्रयोग बहुत ज़्यादा किया जाता है, मगर इसका proper situation जानना बहुत ही ज़रूरी है। आइये देखते हैं इसका इस्तेमाल कब किया जाता है।

The use of could have is common in advanced English. However, many English learners do not actually know its usage. Let’s see how it is used in English Sentence Structure.

Could have + v3

Could have + v3 (past participle) का प्रयोग यह करने के लिए करते हैं कि कोई काम या घटना की संभावना थी मगर हुई नहीं।

“Could have” is used to tell that there was the probability of something that did not happen.

Could have के साथ past participle का प्रयोग।

Examples of Could have + v3

यह मेरे आँख पर लग सकता था।

It could have hit my eye.

गेंद उसका चेहरा बिगाड़ सकती थी।

The ball could have destroyed his face.

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More Examples in English:

It could have broken your TV.

Your bike could have damaged m,y plant.

Your attitude towards the boss could have ruined your image.

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