Grammar is a guide good book that helps us form a correct pattern in reading, writing, and speaking. For that reason, we need grammar for IELTS. Here in this lesson, we’re going to talk about “Present Continuous Uses.” Please keep in mind that you are not supposed to get a high band score unless you improve your grammar. So, learn and practice.

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Present Continuous Uses

First, see the given below structures and examples:

am/is/are + verb + -ingHe‘s living in UAE.
am/is/are not + verb + -ingI‘m not living in UAE.
am/is/are… + verb + -ingAre they living in UAE?

Where is the present continuous used?

Present continuous is used

to talk about temporary situations:


I’m working really hard on the construction of my house.

My younger brother is living in UAE at the moment. (= he doesn’t normally live there)

You can use the following words to describe temporary situations:

At the moment, currently, now, this week/month/year

to talk about actions happening at the moment of speaking:

I’m waiting for the next train.

I’m drawing the painting for her.

to talk about trends or changing situations:

The internet is making it easier for people to stay in touch with each other.

The prices of petrol and diesel are rising dramatically.

to talk about things that happen more often than expected, often to show envy or to criticise with words like always, constantly, continually, forever :

My brother‘s always saying I don’t work hard! (Complaint)

She‘s always driving brand new cars. (Envy)

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