Grammar is a guide good book that helps us form a correct pattern in reading, writing, and speaking. For that reason, we need grammar for IELTS. Here in this lesson, we’re going to talk about “Present Simple Uses.” Please keep in mind that you are not supposed to get a high band score unless you improve your grammar. So, learn and practice.

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Present Simple Uses

First, see the given below structures and examples:

verb/verb + (e)sHe plays cricket.
do/does not + verbShe does not play cricket.
do/does… + verbDoes she play cricket?

Where is the present simple used?

Present simple is used

to talK about regular habits or repeated actions:


I get up really early and practice for an hour or so most days.

I use the internet just about every day.

You can use the following words to describe how often or when:

Always, Generally, Normally, Usually, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Never, Every day, every evening

to talk about permanent situation:

My father owns a furniture shop.

Note: We use the present perfect, not the present simple, to say how long something has continued.


I have worked there since I was 15. ( Present Perfect)

I work there since I was 15. (Present Perfect)

to talk about facts or generally accepted truths:

Beggers don’t generally have a house to live in.

If you touch fire, your hands burn.

Following words are used to describe facts or generally accepted truth:

Generally, mainly, normally, usually, traditionally

to give instructions and directions:

You go straight on this road for approximately 2 KM, then turn right.

To crop the image, first, you select the area want to save as.

to tell stories and talk about films, books, and plays:

In the film, the principal falls in love with the clerk.

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