Teaser Preview

What word best describes your personality if you:

  • are interested solely in your own welfare?
  • constantly talk about yourself?
  • describe your life to helping others?
  • turn your mind inward?
  • turn your mind outward?
  • hate humanity?
  • hate women?
  • hate marriage?
  • lead a lonely, austere existence?

Personality Types List

Below are 10 terms to describe personality types. Each of the following words has been explained by an idea to make a strong appeal to your understanding. Learn, practice, and improve.

1. Egoist

  • believes in self-advancement

2. Egotist

  • talks about accomlishments

3. Altruist

  • is interested in the welfare of others
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4. Introvert

  • turns thoughts inward

5. Extrovert

  • turns thoughts outward

6. Ambivert

  • turns thoughts both inward and outward

7. Misanthrope

  • hates people

8. Misogynist

  • hates women

9. Misogamist

  • hates marriage

10. Ascetic

  • does not pursue the pleasure of the flesh

Now, can you answer what word best describes your personality?

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