Grammar is a guide good book that helps us form a correct pattern in reading, writing, and speaking. For that reason, we need grammar for IELTS. Here in this lesson, we’re going to talk about “Used to and would” Please keep in mind that you are not supposed to get a high band score unless you improve your grammar. So, learn and practice.

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First, see the given below structures and examples:

used to / would + infinitiveShe used to / would lock the door.
did not + use to + infinitiveI didn’t use to lock the door.
did… use to + infinitiveDid they use to lock the door?

Where are ‘used to’ and ‘would’ used?

We use used to + infinitive or would + infinitive to talk about past repeated actions:


  1. She used to keep her front door opened. (but she stopped doing this)

2. She would leave the door unlocked when she was at home.

Note: ‘Would’ is unusual in the negative form and in Yes/No questions.

We use used to + infinitive to talk about permanent situations that are usually no longer true:

Bill Murphy used to work for the police force. (but he doesn’t now) not Billy Murphy would work for the police force here.

We do not use used to when we want to talk about how long the situation lasted:

Bill Murphy work for the police force for over 17 years. ( not Bill Murphy used to work for the police force for over 17 years)

Note: We do not use would with State Verbs.

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