Here are 9 important phrasal verbs related to travel that you can use in Spoken English especially in IELTS. A video has also been added in English-Hindi to understand it more clearly. Practice them frequently to improve you8r speaking skills and to get a high band score in IELTS writing and speaking as well.

Travel Phrasal Verbs

1. Set out

Meaning: to begin a journey

Example: I’ll set out for Delhi tomorrow.

2. Get on

Meaning: to enter a bus, train, or plane

Example: I got on the bus at 6 O’clock.

3. Get off

Meaning: to come out of a bus, train, or plane

Example: She had had a minor injury while she was getting off the bus.

4. Get in

Meaning: when a plane arrives at the airport

Example: The plane is supposed to get in at IGI at 11 pm.

5. Take off

Meaning: when a plane leaves and begins to fly

Example: Dear passengers, the plane is ready to take off soon.

6. Look around

Meaning: to explore what is near you in your area

Example: I’ve been looking around since I’m in the city.

7. Get away

Meaning: to leave go somewhere for a break or holiday

Example: I really want to get away after all this exhausting work.

8. See off

Meaning: to go to the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye

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9. Speed up

Meaning: to increase speed

Example: Can you please speed up the car so that we can reach there as soon as possible.

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