Each expression in the lesson “Advertising Vocabulary” has been explained with definition and example. You should use them frequently in your spoken English in order to improve your communication skill. Always keep in mind, VOCABULARY plays a part in your fluency. For this reason, you should be well-prepared with a lot of expressions before your talk to anybody.

advertising agency
01. advertising agency

Meaning: a company that creates adverts for other companies

Example: I am going to contact an advertising agency for the promotion of my new business.

advert budget
02. advertising budget

Meaning: the  amount of money a company decides to spend on advertising

Example: A company’s advertising budget must be high in order to reach a huge audience.

03. brand awareness

Meaning: how well people know a particular brand

Example: Hindustan Unilever spent a lot of amount on advertisements for increasing its brand awareness.

04. brand loyalty

Meaning: the degree to which people continue to buy from the same brand or company

Example:  I think mass advertising creates brand loyalty for a product.

05. buy and sell

Meaning: often used to refer to the buying and selling of items between individuals

Example: Many banks are willing to buy and sell shares on behalf of customers.

call to action image
06. call to action

Meaning: something that encourages someone to take a particular action, such as making a purchase or clicking a link on a website or page

Example: I add a call to action button to my every article for generating more leads.

07. celebrity endorsement

Meaning: to have a well-known person promote a product

Example: Amazon sold over million products after starting celebrity endorsement in India.

suburbs meaning

08. classified ads

Meaning: small advertisements often put in a newspaper or magazine by individuals

Example: Manpower agency target their audience mostly through classified ads.

to cold call
09. to cold call

Meaning: to call someone with the aim of selling something without them asking you to do so

Example: They had heard of Oyston, who had originally been contacted as a cold call, but they had never met him.

commercial break
10. commercial break

Meaning: the short period during TV programmes when advertisements are shown

Example: Commercial breaks are too long these days.

commercial channel
11. commercial channel

Meaning: TV channels that make money from showing advertisements

Example: Commercial channels are sometimes a great way to sell product online.

viral pic
12. to go viral

Meaning: to quickly become extremely popular on the Internet through social media

Example: That street boys’s singing video is going viral.

13. junk mail

Meaning: unwanted promotional leaflets and letters

Example: I have never opened any junk mail.

14. to launch a product

Meaning: to introduce a new product

Example: Reliance India is about launch a new product in market.

15. mailing list

Meaning: a list of names and contact details used by a company to send information and advertisements

Example: Can you please scratch me off from the mailing list.

16. mass media

Meaning: large media outlets like TV, newspapers and magazines

The Hatras incident received heavy coverage in the mass media.

17. niche product

Meaning: a product that is aimed at a distinct group of people

Example: Navy Arms has navigated bringing a niche product line into the mainstream.

18. to place an advert

Meaning: to put an advert somewhere

Example: Plaisance placed an advert in the ferry.

19. press release

Meaning: somethings written by a company for newspapers, magazines and websites to share and publish

Example: BCCI confirmed the names of the players in the press release yesterday.

20. prime time

Meaning: the time during the viewing schedule when most people watch TV or listen to a broadcast

Example: I never miss to watch the Prime Time show with Ravish Kumar.

21. product placement

Meaning: to advertise a product by using it as a prop in a TV show or film

Example: It was the first movie to feature onscreen product placement for its own merchandise.

22. sales page

Meaning: a page specially used to promote a product or service

News channels are not supposed to increase their TRP without showing a number of adverts in every program they brodcast.

23. to show adverts

Meaning: to display adverts on TV

Example: News channels can’t increase their TRP without showing a number of adverts in every program they broadcast. 

24. social media

Meaning: websites that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking

Example: Almost every adult is fond of using social media in this generation.

25. spam email

Meaning: unwanted promotional email

Example: Spam email are really annoying.

Untitled design (39)
26. target audience

Meaning: the people a company want to sell their product or service to

Example: I chose ESL teachers as my target audience in my previous post promotion.

Word of mouth meaning in English
27. word of mouth

Meaning: recommendations made by individuals to other individuals about a product or service

Example: I came to know about this product by word of mouth.

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