Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning and an example. This blog post on “IELTS Physical Appearance Vocabulary” contains a total of 35 useful expressions for speaking and aims to help IELTS students, ESL learners, and teachers improve their English.

1. to bear a striking resemblance

Meaning: to look very similar to

2. cropped hair

very short hair

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3. disheveled hair

untidy hair

4. to dress up to the nines

to dress very smartly or glamorously

5. fair hair

light-colored hair

6. to be fair-skinned


7. to get done up

to dress smartly

8. to be getting on a bit

to be getting old

9. to go grey

to have hair that is turning grey

10. to be good looking

to be attractive

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11. to grow old gracefully

to act in a way that embraces the fact that you are getting old

12. to be hard of hearing

to find it difficult to hear

13. in his/her 30s/40s

to be 20/30 something

14. scruffy

dressed untidly

15. to look young for your age

to look younger than you are

16. to lose one’s figure

to have a figure that has lost its toned shape

17. complexion

natural skin color and texture

18. make up


19. medium height

average height

20. middle-aged

approximately between 45-65

21. to never have a hair out of place

perfectly styled hair

22. to be overweight

to weigh more than to be regarded as healthy

23. pointed face

the opposite of a round face

24. shoulder-length hair

hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further

25. slender figure

a figure that is tall and slim

26. slim figure

attractively thin

27. thick hair

a lot of hair

28. to wear glasses

to use spectacles

29. to be well-built

to be muscular

30. to be well-turned out

to look smart

31. youthful appearance

to look young

32. corpulent

excessively fat

33. robust

strong, healthy with stamina

34. hefty

big and strong

35. bony

very thin, as though the bones shows through the skin

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