Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning and an example. This blog post on “IELTS Books and Films Vocabulary” contains a total of 35 useful expressions for speaking and aims to help IELTS students, ESL learners, and teachers improve their English.

1. an action movie

Meaning: a film with fast-moving scenes, often containing violence

2. to be engrossed in

to be completely focused on one thing

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3. bedtime reading

something to read in bed before you go to sleep

4. to be a big reader

someone who reads a lot

5. to be based on

to use a modal

6.a box office hit

a financially successful film

7. to be heavy-going

difficult to read

8. a blockbuster

a large number of fans

9. to catch the latest movie

to see a film that has just come out

10. the central character

the main person in a film or book

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11. a classic

of the highest quality

to be praised by another person

13. couldn’t put it down

wasn’t able to stop reading a book

14. an e-book

a digital book

15. ane-reader

a device for reading e-books.

16. to flick through

to look quickly through a book

17. to get a good/bad review

to receive positive or negative feedback

18. to go on general release

when a film can be seen by the general public

19. hardback

a book with a rigid cover

20. a historic novel

a story set in the past

21. a low budget film

a film made with a small amount of money

22. on the big screen

at the cinema

23. a page turner

a book that you want to keep reading

24. paperback

a book with a flexible cover

25. plot

the main events in a book or film

26. to read something from cover to cover

to read a book from the first page to the last

27. sci-fi

science fiction

28. to see a film

to see a film at the cinema

29. the setting

where the action takes place

30. showings

performances of a film

31. soundtrack

the music that accompanies a film

32. special effects

the visuals or sounds that are added to a film which are difficult to produce manually

33. to take out (a book from the library)

to borrow a book from the library

34. to tell the story of

to outline the details of someone’s life or an event

35. to watch a film

to watch a film on TV or smartphone

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