You might have come across different situations in your life where you wanted to give a perfect example of what had happened. However, you might have been confused whether what to say or not, maybe! In such scenarios, we can use a proverb which is a short and pitty sentence expressing a truth ascertained by experience or observation. It is a sentence that briefly and forcibly expresses some practical truth. And, today, in this lesson, we’re going to see a list of some Important Proverbs in English with meanings and pictures to improve your vocabulary.

Proverbs with menaings and pictures

  1. Like Draws/Attracts Like

It means “people tend to seek out or be attracted to those that are similar or like-minded.”

Example: There is no wonder that they are living together; like draws like, you know.

2. Ill Got, Ill Spent

It is used to say that: Things that someone has obtained in a dishonest or illegal way will be spent wrongly or unwisely.

3. Riches have wings

Its possible meaning is “Money can disappear easily. Money is like a bird with wings: it can fly away if you are not careful.”

4. Evil Gotten, Evil Spent

Meaning in English: See proverb no. 2 of this post.

5. As the King so are the subjects

Meaning: A king is the one who rules a particular place.
so how the king will be if he is greedy or very helpful like that itself the citizens will be.

6. Great Cry Little Wool

A great deal of fuss, noise, fanfare, or protestation over something of little or no substance, importance, or relevance.

7. His wits are gone a wool-gathering

It is used to say about someone whose intelligence is next to nothing.

8. A figure among ciphers

Meaning: The presence of a one-eyed man in a group of the blind.

9. Fool to others, to himself a sage

This proverb is used to say about a person who praises himself despite the fact he is not of that worth.

10. Cut your coat according to your cloth

Meaning: undertake only what you have the money or ability to do and no more.

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