Manias are primarily a kind of strong urge for anything tangible or intangible beyond the rational level. This generally arises out of intense interest of someone for a thing or for an emotion that lures them the most. 

1. Anthomania

obsession with flowers

2. Aphrodisiomania

abnormal sexual interest

3. Bibliomania

craze for books or reading

4. Bruxomania

compulsion for grinding teeth

5. Choeromania

dancing mania or frenzy

6. Clinomania

excessive desire to stay in bed

7. Copromania

obsession with faces

8. Dcanomania

obsession with killing

9. Dipsomania

abnormal craving for alcohol

10. Discomania

obsession for disco music

11. Doromania

obsession with giving gifts

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12. Dromomania

compulsive longing for travel

13. Ecdemomania

abnormal compulsion for wandering

14. Egomania

irrational self-centred attitude or self-worship

15. Erotomania

abnormally powerful sex drive

16. Graphomania

obsession with writing

17. Gynaecomania

abnormal sexual obsession with women

18. Hippomania

obsession with horses

19. Hydromania

irrational craving fro water

20. Melomania

craze for music

21. Methomania

morbid craving for alcohol

22. Musomania

obsession with music

23. Nymphomania

excessive or crazed sexual desire

24. Oenomania

obsession or craze fro wine

25. Oniomania

mania for making purchases

26. Onomamania

mania for names

27. Onomatomania

irresistible desire to rep[eat certain words

28. Opiomania

craving for opium

29. Politicomania

mania for politics

30. Polkamania

craze for polka dancing

31. Pornomania

obsession with pornography

32. Potomania

abnormal desire to drink alcohol

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33. Satyromania

abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis

34. Technomania

craze for technology

35. Theatromania

craze for going to plays

36. Theomania

belief that one is a God

37. Timbromania

craze for stamp collecting

38. Tomomania

irrational predilection for performing surgery

39. Toxicomania

morbid craving for poisons

40. Uranomania

obsession with the idea of divinity

41. Verbomania

craze for words

42. Verbomania

inordinate attachment to foreign things

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