Phobias are a kind of situation under which a person starts fearing from certain objects, conditions pr circumstances for which there may be a logical ground or there may not be so. This is basically, aspect of one’s behaviour that is often not controlled by the brain.


1. Acrophobia

Fear of height


2. Agoraphobia

Fear of open spaces

3. Ailurophobia

Fear of cats

4. Algophobia

Fear of dust

5. Amathophobia

Fear of riding in a car

6. Ambulophobia

Fear of walking

7. Anthrophobia

Fear of humans

8. Aquaphobia

Fear of water

9. Arachnophobia

Fear of spiders

10. Autophobia

Fear of solitude

11. Ballistrophobia

Fear of missiles

12. Bibliophobia

Fear of books

These might be helpful
13. Blennophobia

Fear of smile

14. Brontophobia

Fear of thunder and lightning

15. Cancerophobia

Fear of cancer

16. Cathispophobia

Fear of sitting

17. Cenophobia

Fear of empty spaces

18. Chrematophobia

Fear of money

19. Claustrophobia

Fear of closed spaces

20. Climacophobia

Fear of falling down stairs

21. Clinophobia

Fear of staying in bed

22. Cyberphobia

Fear of computers

23. Cynophobia

Fear of dogs

24. Ecophobia

Fear of home

25. Eosophobia

Fear of dawn

26. Ergasiophobia

Fear of work

27. Ergophobia

Fear of work

28. Erotophobia

Fear of sex

29. Euphobia

Fear of good news

30. Gamophobia

Fear of marriage

31. Geniophobia

Fear of chins

32. Genophobia

Fear of sex

33. Gerascophobia

Fear of growing old

34. Graphophobia

Fear of writing

35. Gymnophobia

Fear of nudity

36. Heliophobia

Fear of sunlight

37. Herpetophobia

Fear of snakes

39. Homichlophobia

Fear of fog

40. Homophobia

Fear of homosexuals

42. Hydrophobia

Fear of water

43. Hypsophobia

Fear of high places

44. Latrophobia

Fear of going to the doctor

45. Kenophobia

Fear of empty spaces

46. Ligyrophobia

Fear of loud noises

47. Muriphobia

Fear of mice

48. Nebulaphobia

Fear of fog

49. Necrophobia

Fear of corpses

50. Negrophobia

Fear of blacks

51. Neophobia

Fear of novelty

52. Nosophobia

Fear of disease

53. Ochlophobia

Fear of crowds

54. Pantophobia

Fear of everything

55. Phengophobia

Fear of daylight

56. Phonoophobia

Fear of noise or of speaking aloud

57. Photophobia

Fear of light

58. Pogophobia

Fear of beards

59. Psychophobia

Fear of the cold

60. Pterenophobia

Fear of being tickled by feathers

61. Pyrophobia

Fear of fire

62. Sciaphobia

Fear of shadows

63. Scotophobia

Fear of the dark

64. Tocophobia

Fear of pregnancy or childbirth

65. Toxicophobia

Fear of poisoning

65. Toxiphobia

Fear of poison or being poisoned

66. Uranophobia

Fear of heaven

67. Xenophobia

Fear of foreigners

68. Zelophobia

Fear of jealousy

69. Zoophobia

Fear of animals


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