The English language has many phrases that start with the same verb and their meanings differ from ane another. In this lesson, we are going to see 5 phrases that start with the verb come to improve English speaking. These phrases are useful in IELTS speaking as well.

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1. Come to light

Come to light means to become known


This came to my light yesterday.

2. Come to pass

– to happen, to occur


It came to pass that the respect that I hold for my parents shall never decrease.

3. Come to grief

– to meet with disaster, to have an accident

So many marriages have come to grief over lack of money.

4. Come to hand

– to be available easily and immediately

She fought off the intruder with whatever came to hand.

5. Come to close quarters

– to tackle an enemy closely

Example: I had no desire, therefore, to come to close quarters with him again.

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