There are numerous confusing words in the English language when it comes to their difference in usage. For example Use of the words ‘do’ and ‘make‘ in English is also confusing sometimes for many English learners. Let’s see how they are used.

Video on “Do and Make”


When we want to talk about a job, work or task, we use “Do.” Please note that no physical object is produced in such scenarios.


do the shopping, do the dishes, do the laundry, do the cooking, do the washing, do the ironing, do the gardening, do the cleaning, do the project, do homework, do the assignment, do the task, do business, do a job, do the work, do an exercise, do the painting, do a drawing, do a course, do an activity, do my best, do a favor, do harm, do good.


“Make” is used when we are talking about constructing, creating or producing something new.


make food, make breakfast, make lunch, make dinner, make coffee, make noodles, make a cake, make a sandwich, make a salad, make soup, make a decision, make progress, make a guess, make an effort, make a change, make a list, make a plan, make money, make a profit, make a loss, make friends, make love, make a phone call, make an apology, make a complaint, make a comment, make a suggestion, make a promise, make an excuse, make an agreement, make an appointment.

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