Idioms are so useful when it comes to expressing something in a better way, especially in the speaking section. There are some situations when you have to state something in a short period of time but it takes so much time to deliver. Then comes the role of idioms that makes your sentences look more precise and effective. Here is lesson 50 of the Useful Idioms for Better Communication Series that you can learn to improve your speaking and writing.

Daily Use Idioms #50

Here is the list of 7 Idioms in this lesson. Learn, Use, and Improve.

Note: sth means something while sb means somebody. One’s is replaced with a possessive pronoun such as your, my, his, her, etc.

1. cut sb down to size

– humble sb

-किसी को उसकी क्षमता समझाना

To show someone that they are not as clever or important as they think: Someone should cut that man down to size!

2. call sb names

-verbally abuse sb

-गाली देना, अपशब्द बोलना

At my last school they called me names because I was so slow.

3. carte blanche

-full authority, free hand

-खुली छूट

They gave him carte blanche to make decisions.

4. rain cats and dogs

-rain very heavily

-मूसलाधार बारिश होना

We’ll have to cancel the cricket match, it’s raining cats and dogs

5. catch sb napping

-surprise, take awareness

-पकडे जाना

 The goalkeeper was caught napping and the ball went straight in.

6. make common cause with sb

– work together in order to achieve sth that both group wants

-मिल कर एक चाह बना लेना

Environmental protesters have made common cause with local people to stop the motorway being built.

7. cave in

-fall in, collapse, faint or failure


He hollowed out a cave in the snowfield for night.

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